Commercial Electrical Services

PowerCore specialises in electrical services to small and medium-sized businesses in Auckland NZ. We’re qualified and licensed to perform all electrical wiring and rewiring projects for shops, offices, studios, workshops and many more. In addition thereto we also offer electrical wiring and cabling services for voice, data and video equipment, as well as automation platforms.

We can also test, repair and install RCD’s (Residual Current Device). These are protective devices used to automatically disconnect power supply when they detect imbalances between live conductors, and offers that extra peace of mind to business owners, knowing that both their electric and electronic equipment have extra protection from electrical damage. 

Other services include the installation, repair and maintenance of:

  • Security systems, including controlled access and CCTV
  • Back-up generators, for uninterrupted power supply
  • Surge protection, for alleviation of power-surge damage
  • Circuit additions, for expansion of business premises
  • Isolated computer circuits, for uninterrupted workflow
  • Power-saving systems, for reduced company expenses
  • Compliance Certification, for regulatory compliance


PowerCore Electrical always strives to be the best in our field, with reliable, qualified, licensed and professional electrical technicians, who deliver personal service with a safety-first policy.

Worn-out, faulty, and incorrectly installed electrical wiring, lighting and security arrangements can be extremely hazardous and place your business at great risk. Contact PowerCore Electrical to enquire about quality electrical and electronic fit-outs, as well as electric compliance and safety inspections.

At PowerCore Electrical we are proud of our reputation for prompt, reliable service.

Trust is built on reputation, it's that reputation we build through our work to gain your trust, because WE CAN and WE WILL deliver quality electrical workmanship.

- R. Fatoohi

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