Motor and Motor Controls

Ensuring that your motors, such as gate motors etc., run as efficiently as possible, is critical to both your building's operational costs and the longevity of your equipment.

Motor controllers, also known as Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), within the "brain and nerves" of a motor's mechanical system, monitor interior functioning and respond to load changes in a co-ordinated fashion. In so doing, these controllers provide optimum energy efficiency and greater life expectancy.

In collaboration with our own qualified and experienced systems engineers, our electrical technicians are experts at designing and delivering the most suited solution for your motor control requirements. 

Our electrical projects range from installations, maintenance and repairs at small simplexes, to multi-storey buildings. These include, among others, residential property, health facilities, educational facilities, accommodation facilities and offices. We specialise in the engineering design, installation and maintenance of Motor Control Systems.

We also manufacture control panels for a wide range of Control Systems.

Providing a full range of services enables us to offer a total electrical solution to our clients. PowerCore Electrical has developed a solid reputation for high quality electrical work in the industry for installing, testing and commissioning control systems successfully, on time and within budget.

We pride ourselves in our flexibility to respond to the changes requested by our clients, while work is in progress.

Contact us today to discuss your industrial and commercial Motor Control Systems requirements.

Trust is built on reputation, it's that reputation we build through our work to gain your trust, because WE CAN and WE WILL deliver quality electrical workmanship.

- R. Fatoohi

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