New Solar Installations

In present day, sustainable energy is a cost-effective solution for both new and existing residential and business premises. It is no hidden fact that power supply is becoming more expensive. Add to that the fact that power-outages can cause great disruptions in both households and businesses, and you'll understand why sustainable energy is such a greately sought-after solution. Electric Solar Systems is one such a solution, and one that we are experts in desiging, installing, repairing and maintaining. Solar panels are easy to install, and is mostly installed on the roof of buildings.

There are two types of Electric Solar Systems for your property, namely an OFF-Grid and an ON-Grid system. 

OFF-Grid system                                                                                                                             

In this type of Electric Solar System, the solar energy is stored in a battery bank so that it is available as and when it becomes required, and the system would generally be supported by a generator.

Off-Grid power systems are ideal for premises that have no access to the municipal elcetricity grid, or that cannot afford the costs of connecting to the grid.

ON-Grid system

In this type of Electric Solar System, the electric solar panels generate electricity for your premises in a hybrid type of system so that, when there is not sufficient sunshine available to generate the amount of electricity you require, you have the option of drawing it from the municipal elcetricity grid, and any excess energy generated by your electric solar system can be transferred back into the grid.

We strongly advise our clients to consider installing electric solar systems, as it will likely be more affordable or greately save on electricity expenses in both short and long term.

At the very least, we advise our clients to strongly consider future-proofing their premises, for example to install pre-wiring, and to ensure that they have the correct size switchboard and wiring systems to allow for electric solar systems to be installed in the future. You never know when you may most need such a system.

Trust is built on reputation, it's that reputation we build through our work to gain your trust, because WE CAN and WE WILL deliver quality electrical workmanship.

- R. Fatoohi

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